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Goldman Law is 100% transparent in all
our fees and costs

How We Generate Value for Our Clients?

We Completely Engage with You & Focus on Your Matter

This is as important for us as it is for potential clients and helps us formulate our legal strategy for your legal problem. 

For clients who cannot afford full-service fees. A unique offer. “Guided Self Help” which can save 50%+ in typical fees.

We have special pricing and transparent fees making family law matters less stressful. 

A first for the industry! Read about our 24 hr commitment. Embodies our client service focus principles.

Australian Law Firms 2023 Fee Survey*

Our Fees Remain at the Midpoint for CBD Law Firms

The below ranges are a guide to our standard fees

We use Actual Time Cost, Capped Hours and Value-Based Invoice Approach

Simplicity, Accountability & Complete Transparency for our Clients

This means that we provide stage by stage estimates based on actual time cost capped hours; this is reviewed based on actual value before our invoices are generated.

Our five critical fee and stress free invoicing principles.

  • Stage by stage capped hours estimates.
  • Realistic total cost assessments upfront.
  • Variations provided in writing.
  • We use law portals, reducing time cost, organising ‘papers’ and communication.
  • We assist clients if they run into financial difficulty by payment or fee options.

Tips To Avoid Costly Online Mistakes

Upfront Communication Is Critical

  • Did you know that lawyers have a first primary duty to the Court system and not the client?
  • We explain what this will mean for you, in your case.
  • Why we welcome a free first consult strategy discussion before you commit!
  • No misunderstanding about our role and what we do for you.

Why Fee Disputes & Complaints Arise?

Avoid Problems Rife In the Legal Industry

"Costs" and "communication" are over 60%+ of all client complaints In nearly every complaint, the reasons behind the dispute have common themes:

  • receiving an unexpectedly high bill;
  • experiencing poor communication and service;
  • having unmet expectations; and
  • misunderstanding the role of a lawyer.
Goldman Law addresses all of these issues upfront with transparency!


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The cost of legal services depends largely on the specifics of your case and the lawyer you choose. Fixed-fee arrangements can be cost-effective, especially for simpler legal needs. Platforms like online marketplaces allow you to compare and hire lawyers transparently based on fixed fees. For a comprehensive list of typical legal service costs, consider consulting a legal pricing guide.

Fee Arrangements and Fee Management

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Legal costs can be daunting, but lawyers often provide various arrangements to manage them better, including:

  • Hourly rate with a maximum fee cap ( our preferred method of pricing)
  • Negotiated cost estimates
  • Contingency fees (“no win, no fee”- not allowed in family law matters).

Always discuss anticipated expenses and get a detailed fee agreement in writing. Request an itemized bill to understand how your lawyer has allocated time to your case.

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