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Individual Success

Families, marriages separation and inheritances, tax residency, trusts and foundations.

Organizational Success

Success Informing, growing and protecting. governance, structures, finance, compliance, and taxation.

Asset & Wealth Protection

Protecting from the unthinkable. Be Informed and protected on families, life, succession, assets and wealth.

Complex Disputes & Litigation

Complex litigation or sensitive dispute resolution. Fearless litigators to defend or protect individuals and organizations.

Experience & Trust

With deep local and international expertise for over 30 years.

Growing and protecting successful individuals, family offices and business.

Experience & trust built through sheer hard work

Solutions For HNW & Private Clients

Specialized Experience & Expertise

Our legal experience includes:

  • Complex family law or criminal matters
  • Estate and succession planning including administration and probate
  • Trusts, administration, succession of control of trusts, managing special disability trusts, advising on trust interpretation and trust disputes
  • Business corporate and commercial, transaction, disputes, succession planning, including sale, acquisition, shareholder/unitholder agreements
  • Asset protection structuring to minimize exposure to creditors and the Family Court
  • Charitable trusts and foundations
  • Superannuation and taxation, offshore, low tax and domestic issues
  • Migration and international wealth.
  • Complex assets, such as jets or yachts, art, NFT’s and property

Typical Clients and Industries Include...

Private Clients & Private Wealth Law

  • High Net Worth
  • Remarkable Individuals
  • Celebrities & Sports
  • Family Offices

Established team for numerous cross-border transactions and disputes, including complex and sensitive disputes. We are a full-service firm for Private clients from small to large matters. We remain an independent firm, thus Goldman has the flexibility to work with clients and other firms internationally with fewer restrictions.  

Corporate & Commercial, Local and Global

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Family Offices
  • Private Funds
  • Private Equity
  • International Tax & Asset Planning
  • Cyber Start Ups
  • Private Portfolio’s

Diverse industry experience in IP, Tech, Cyber, services, trading, global licensing, family-owned business, family offices, corporate and commercial, international finance, litigation, regulatory and restructuring. 

Other Professionals
Banks & Funds

  • Private Banks
  • Private Client Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Advisors
  • Family Offices

Work with for the specialist needs of individuals and private groups in diverse areas such as family law, criminal and regulatory investigations (Interpol). Global assets and restructuring, planning, and restructuring. Estate planning and trusts as well as low tax regimes and other legal advice 

Our Experience

Family Law

Outstanding results from our expert team in mediation, parenting, financial and court action or appeals in family law matters nationally across Australia.


Criminal Law

Expert senior criminal team with proven results in local court, defended matters, appeals and complex criminal including financial and fraud .


Trusts & Wealth

Wealthy families set up trusts to protect, increase, reduce tax and distribute wealth. Our experience means trusts can be set-up by all.


Medical & Health

A wealth of experience in health law. We represent you for notifications to AHPRA to registration or renewal issues; and successfully defend health practitioners against professional misconduct or med-neg.


Estates & Wills

Estate planning means understanding your needs and desires, for the best course of action that safeguards assets and your family. More than just a will. We have over 20 years of experience and are a fellow of STEP.


Commercial & Corporate

Practical sensible advice for business to limit your liabilities including company structures and regulation. Planning, growth, and expansion including shares, finance, assets, asset protection and global structures. 


Litigation &

Leading lawyers in complex litigation; accredited as mediators for alternative dispute resolution. Multi-jurisdictional tax and finance litigation.


International &
Domestic tax

Assist with cross-border wealth, expat income and investments. Comprehensive domestic and international wealth and tax planning. 



We assist in identifying, mitigating and responding to cyber law as well as managing responsibility resulting from legal action or regulatory scrutiny.


Our Professional Team Members


Chris Jariko

Founder and Ceo


Alina Kevin

Senior Attorney


Brean Lanthe

Junior Attorney


Polard Andrew

Financial Attorney

What Our Clients Say ?

“We were extremely lucky to meet the senior team members at Global Trust Group. With real experience and access to specialist experts in many jurisdictions. Not just a local outfit. Confidentiality and dealing with one key senior person was the outstanding part of the project for us.

CJ* (actual name and picture withheld)

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