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How to smoothly navigate divorce and separation issues and make sure you are not out of time.

How to maximise our commercial and tax
knowledge for the best
financial settlements.

How to have the best and compassionate legal support for complex children’s issues including international recovery.
How to avoid court and future financial issues and pitfalls when living together. Plan and protect assets.

Holistic Legal Support- Simple or Complex

Structuring, Protecting, Planning & Advising

Sectors; Luxury Brands, Commodities, IP Commercialization, Celebrities & Sports Persons, Media, Digital & Cyber, UHNW & Families & Manufacturing

Our bedrock of experience in tax & finance, has allowed us to work with complex commercial agreements, devising structures, working with large banks and HNW clients in structured transactions, finance & private funding.

Of late, we acted for a billionaire, with prior Russian origins in the acquisition and re-registration of a large private jet.

We also advised start-up digital entrepreneurial businesses on the roadmap to the future and how to protect and grow their intellectual property, a leading armoured vehicle manufacturer as well as traders in rare commodities.


Our Past Success Only Drives our Future Innovation

Specialised knowledge in one topic is ineffective to provide holistic advice. Our litigation, commercial and cross border expertise uniquely enhances our family law approach.
We love representing all clients but there is a limit to how many clients we can properly serve. This approach protects our reputation and allows laser focus on your needs.
Since 2015, we have offered, clear upfront pricing and realistic estimates. Even if our clients sometimes get into financial hurdles, we offer flexible arrangements when possible.
After hours meetings, video calls and portal communication. Most lawyers keep you in the dark only to protect themselves. Our motto is to keep you informed and in the loop at all times.


Compassion & Individual Lawyer's Commitments Must Remain Present



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Chel Chappy

I highly recommend Goldman Law. 
Every contact I had with the firm was friendly, professional and understanding.
Jennifer is an outstanding lawyer. I had had a difficult ongoing children’s matter...

Quentin Carmont

A family law matter is never pretty emotions are running hot, everyone thinks they’re right when in reality no one is.
Goldman made the process very easy for me to choose them.
Initial contact with Kim and then a small consultation with Jass there senior lawyer...

Paul Northrop

I have used G&C on numerous occasions for business matters. I have always found them to be incredibly responsive with sound advice. I know that with the G&C team working on my legal matters, it takes the pressure off me and allows me to concentrate on running my business!

Pauline Von Czapiewski

Wonderful team of professionals to deal with from office support to solicitors. Always has a quick response time, and good advice. Incredibly impressed and will be sure to use again in the future...


Jane Mac

I have found Goldman’s to be a highly skilled and caring group of lawyers who have guided me many times during periods of uncertainty and stress. I couldn’t do without their considered and professional advice for our businesses.


Talia Falo

Goldman & Co handled my case extremely well, gave fantastic advice and overall eased up the tension of the entire situation immensely. I felt they genuinely cared for my well-being and what I am going through so great thanks to them. Would highly recommend...

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Zeinab Elzein

A senior family lawyer and General Counsel

10 years +++

Zee is meticulously dedicated, with deep experience and compassion for all her clients In all Australian and some complex international aspects of family law involving children & finances.

Mathew Nott

A senior lawyer also specialising
in domestic violence.

Matt is outstanding on his feet in court and somehow maintains a 99% success rate. Matt has a laser focus on clients issues with life experience and unique unmatched skills

Kerry Turner

Clients and

15 years +++

Your first contact point for everything about us and our lawyers . Kerry is unmatched in her gentle handling and real life knowledge. She controls our lawyers. Compassion, integrity with practical reality.

Commercialising Intellectual Property

From Individuals (Media) to Pharma (Vaccines)

Innovative Structures and Funds with Tax and Financial Arbitrage

Complex structures for commercialisation of intellectual property which include licensing and distribution of major assets such as feature films and medical break throughs, (Vaccine-cervical cancer).

The medical inventions were some of Australia’s most successful IP is and were some of the top drugs in the world after an exit was found with a major Phrama.

We have also developed private investment funds into intellectual property using a combination of grants and tax write offs.


Some Extracts From Our Media and Community Pages

Elimination of cosmetic surgery medical services for Australian's unju

Australian Medical Board new guidelines are sending Australians overseas for affordable cosmetic surgery procedures. Out of touch of touch with public demand. Sekhon said the guidelines would significantly impact health pract

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Goldman Law Expands Presence & Private Client Services across Australi

In addition to the expansion in Perth Australia, Goldman Law is to consolidate its new offices with expanded operations in Auckland and London this year. What distinguishes Goldman Law is our leading expertise in Family law, trusts, estates and wills, complex

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DIY Divorce & Separation

Guided Self Help Six Easy Steps To DIY Divorce Keywords: Family Law, Divorce, Divorce in Australia, Divorce Australia DYI | Divorce Separation | Divorce Separation Agreement | Self-Help | legal costs | Lawyers | Family Law | Family Court | Guided Self-Help

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

We Understand the Needs of Successful Individuals

Most Lawyers are Typically not Innovative nor Commercial

Most lawyers will simply be good at drafting agreements that protect you. Having too much protection can stifle your commercial arrangements with other parties. Over engineering and a lack of commercial risk is a typical deal breaker issue for most lawyers.

In advising our clients on the commercial risk that they are taking and provided the client clearly understands what could go wrong, we understand the risk return paradigm and protect the key aspects without killing the deal.

Our clients will welcome this type of commercial advice.

Experience & Trust

With deep local and international expertise for over 30 years.

Growing and protecting successful individuals, family offices and business.

Experience & trust built through sheer hard work


From Real Family Law FFAQ's (Further Frequently Asked Questions)

In what space did the Goldman Law principal (Jaswinder Sekhon) obtain their extensive commercial and/or structuring experience?
  • The principal of Goldman lawyers has worked for over 30 years and advising high net worth clients in taxation and finance both with leading tax firms and leading banks in the world.
  • Experience is brought to bear with boutique international firm that he started and is rarely available in a boutique that also has a wholly owned international presence.
  • We have also been entrepreneurs and launched funds having being mandated by leading commercialisation and government bodies in Australia, major film studios and other IP owners.
  • We would be pleased to discuss this with you at any time any obligation free private meeting see whether we may be of assistance now or in the future.
What are some of the key sectors and industries where the Goldman Law principal (Jaswinder Sekhon) has advised in the past?
  • Structuring and Fundraising: developing structures for attracting retail and capital from high net worth investors private equity funds for various projects involving media, property, hotels, listed indexes, digital finance and digital property, airlines, service companies, mining companies and start-ups, infrastructure projects, structured debt, convertible debt private debt and structured option schemes.
  • International taxation: across the gamut of low tax jurisdictions and high tax jurisdictions interaction of arrangements double tax treaties and flows of funds.
  • Licensing and distribution: of various goods for wholesale and retail customers including the licensing and development of software and techniques using smart contracts and innovation.
In which jurisdictions has Goldman Law principal (Jaswinder Sekhon) lived and worked?
  • Jaswinder has direct experience of working and/or living in the British Virgin Islands, Miami, New York, London, Zurich, Hong Kong, Sydney, Shanghai, Auckland and Singapore.

The principal Jaswinder Sekhon is admitted and has a current practising certificates in the following jurisdictions:

  • Australia
  • England and Wales
  • New Zealand
  • Admitted to the Eastern Caribbean court (Non practising)
  • Legal Consultant and Will(s) draughtsperson in Dubai
What are the Goldman Law rates for the senior lawyers for complex or commercial work?

These vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction but as a typical guide for 2023 as follows:

  • In Australia they are from A$600 to $800 per hour.
  • In the United Kingdom from £350 per hour
  • in the Middle East from USD $600 per hour
  • in New Zealand from NZD $500 per hour
  • Rates are of course our negotiable on a matter by matter basis and most estimates are provided with a cap on the hours to be expended for professional fees.
  • The above exclude any GST or VAT as applicable
What type of client or individual is best suited to engage Goldman Law?
  • We have a good synergy with successful individuals who are demanding and require a broad range of skills at a very high level to keep up with their entrepreneurial or globetrotting activities.
  • We will generally not act for public listed companies or large corporate groups and generally act against them.
  • Our niche market are successful individuals who have varied needs from international taxation, finance, wealth protection and a myriad of commercial acquisitions and investments across the world.
  • We also promote work closely with start-ups who may not have the funds to pay required typically available for only from a team of lawyers in international firms.
  • Having said that, we are conscious of and clearly state our obligation and pleasure to give back to society and will always look at pro bono/reduced rates for the right activity that may promote change or help disadvantaged persons.
What is Goldman Lawyers dislike in terms of clients or other firms?
  • Lawyers that stifle entrepreneurship and are not versed, do not understand, or are simply too scared of, what is a good commercial outcome.
  • Where ego trumps logic to the detriment of the client.
  • Where boards of public companies are simply looking for “butt protection” and large insurance policies to justify not doing something, as opposed to advice that engenders leadership.

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