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Understanding Lawyer Costs & Our Fees What You Need to Know

What you need to know about how lawyers charge and our fees and costs. Transparency and strategy differentiate us from our competitors. 


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Overview of Lawyer Fees

The cost of hiring a lawyer varies significantly based on factors like experience, case complexity, and the nature of legal services provided. While junior lawyers may charge as low as a few hundred dollars per hour, seasoned senior barristers in court charge fees up to $12,000 per day. It's crucial to recognize that higher rates do not necessarily equate to better services. Here are the key elements that influence legal fees:

  • Complexity of your legal issue
  • Experience level of the lawyer handling your case
  • Support from other legal staff such as clerks and paralegals
  • Consumption of stationery, documents, and other materials
  • Involvement of a barrister
  • Filing and court fees
  • Urgency of the legal matter
  • Law firm’s pricing structure
  • Expert witness involvement

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